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Reading Time from a Clock

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*     Reading Time from a Clock



When the minute hand is atthen the actual time is the number that is indicated by the shorter or hour hand. For example, just see the following:



Here the longer or the minute hand is at 12 and hour or shorter hand indicates 9. Therefore, the time is 9 or 9 O ' clock. Similarly, in the clock shown below. The time is 4 or 4 O'clock.



When the minute hand is at any number we do counting in 5 like.

If minute hand is atit showsminutes.



If minute hand is atit showsminutes.



If minute hand is atit showsminutes.



And this process goes on Let's look at the picture given below:



Here the shorter or hour hand stays between &while minute hand indicates. So the time is 01 : 20 . When we do counting infor it goes asand.

Thus the longer hand indicatesminutes.

It does mean the actual time is 1: 20 and we read it as 20 minutes past 1.

Similarly if shorter or hour hand is somewhere between&and minute hand is at 5 then the time is 2:25 and it will be read as '25' minutes past 2.



When the longer or minute hand is at, the time is read as the half past the hour.

Let's see the picture given below:



Here the hour or shorter hand is somewhere between& and minute hand is at. Therefore, the time is 1: 30 and it is read as 'half past 1'

Similarly if the hour hand is somewhere between&and minute hand is atthen the actual time is 4 : 30 and it is read as 'half past 4'  





 What is the time shown by the watch given below:



(a) 7 O'clock                                       

(b) 5 O'clock

(c) 9 O'clock                                       

(d) 8 O'clock  


Answer: (d)


Hour hand is atand minute hand is at (see trick 1).

Rest of the options is incorrect because of the correctness of option (d).

Therefore, option (d) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.    



 Which one of the following watches shows the time 05:05?  






Answer: (c)    



* Calendar  

In a week there are seven days. They are the following:  

Days Description
Monday Monday is called the first day of the week
Tuesday Tuesday is called the second day of the week
Wednesday Wednesday is called the third day of the week
Thursday Thursday is called the fourth day of the week
Friday Friday is called the fifth day of the week
Saturday Saturday is called the sixth day of the week
Sunday Sunday is called the seventh day of the week





 What comes two days after Sunday?  

(a) Monday                                       

(b) Tuesday

(c) Wednesday                                

(d) Thursday  


Answer: (c)  


Two days after Sunday is Wednesday        



*  Months in a Year  

There are 12 months in a year. The name of the months is given in the following table:  


  Months Short Form Days
1 January Jan. 31 It is the first month of the year
2 February Feb. 28/29 It is the second month of the year
3 March Mar. 31 It is the third month of the year
4 April Apr. 30 It is the fourth month of the year
5 May May 31 It is the fifth month of the year
6 June Jun.30 It is the  sixth month of the year
7 July Jul. 31 It is the seventh month of the year
8 August Aug. 31 It is the eighth month of the year
9 September Sep. 30 It is the nineth month of the year
10 October Oct. 31 It is the tenth month of the year
11 November Nov. 30 It is the eleventh month of the year
12 December Dec. 31 It is the last month of the year


February is the only month in which number of days varies. Otherwise all the months have fixed number of days. In a year there aredays. Every leap year hasdays. Soextra day is added in the month of February. Leap year comes after every four years.  





 How many months in a year have 31 days?

(a) 5 months                                     

(b) 6 months

(c) 7 months    

(d) 8 months  


Answer: (c)


In a year there aremonths which have days.  





 Which one of the following months is the second last month of the year?

(a) October                                        

(b) November

(c) December  

(d) None of these  


Answer: (b)  


November is the second last month of the year.    



 Which day comes before Friday?

(a) Monday                                       

(b) Tuesday

(c) Wednesday                                

(d) Thursday  


Answer: (d)


Thursday comes before Friday.    




  • 10 years is called decade and 100 years is called century.    




  • Time is a period or duration of certain event.
  • Hours, minutes and seconds are the units of time. Hours =day Hour= minutes minute = seconds
  • A clock has numbersto 
  • A clock has shorter or hour hand and minute or longer hand.
  • A clock hasminutes spaces between two consecutive numbers.
  • The dial of a clock hassmall divisions.
  • In a week there are 7 days. In a year there are 12 months.


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