1st Class Science Home: Our Family Friends and Neighbours Home: our family friends and neighbours

Home: our family friends and neighbours

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This lesson will help you to:—

  • know about the different types of materials used to build house.
  • learn about the different type of houses i.e. kutcha house and pukka house.
  • understand different relationship of the family.
  • study about our school, teachers, neighbours and friends.



We all need a shelter to live as we cannot live on the road. Why do we build house? We build house to protect us from rain, snow, heat, wind and animals. Different types of materials are used to build houses. For example: People use wood, bricks, stone and mud to make their houses.


On the basis of materials used, houses ore classified into different types.

1. Kutcha House: Houses made up of wood and bamboo are known as kutcha house

For example: Hut


2. Pukka House: Houses made up of brick, cement etc are called pucca or pukka house. These are also known as permanent house. For example: Flats, bungalows", Apartments. In pukka house, for example in flats and bungalows there are many facilities. There are many rooms for different purposes and activities. Let us study this in detail:



1.            Kitchen: My mother cooks tasty food for me and my sister in the kitchen

2.            Drawing Room: We welcome our guests in the drawing room.


3.            Bedroom: We take rest and sleep in the bedroom.


4.            Bathroom: We take bath and wash our clothes in the bathroom


I live with my mother and father in my sweet home but my best friend Shiva lives with his mother, father, elder sister, grandmother and grandfather. We all live together with love. We are all family. Let us study more about family in detail. We all live in a house with our father, mother, brother and sister together as a family. Father and mother together are called parents. Family may be big and small,


Small family: In a small family, there are parents and two or three children. This is also known as nuclear family.



Big family: In a big family, there are parents, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother all living together.


  • Every member of a family has a very important role and is needed by all other members.
  • Members of a family have a common name. This is known as surname. Some members are called by a short name called nick name or pet name.
  • In some families not only parents and children but also uncle, aunt, their children along with grand parents live together. Such a family is called joint family
  • Brother of our father is called uncle and his wife is our aunt. Sister of our father is also called aunt.
  • Brother of our mother is known as maternal uncle.
  • Uncle's children are our cousins.


(Joint Family)

Neighborhood: My best friend Shiva lives near to my house. We play together every evening in the park. He also helps me in doing my homework. Shiva's mother and my mother both are best friends. We are neighbours.

The surrounding area near house is known as neighborhood.


School: Shiva and I go to school together. He is my classmate. In school we meet our other friends also. School is a place where we study and learn.

  1. We learn to read/ write and draw.
  2. We learn to draw.
  3. We learn to share our things with others.
  4. We learn many games and take part in sports and other activities.

Classmate: Friends of same class in a school are known as classmates.



In school, a number of people work.

1. Teacher: Teacher teaches us different subjects.


2. Gardener: He keeps our garden and play ground proper and grows plants, flowers and grasses wherever required.


3.  Sweeper: He keeps our classroom campus clean and tidy.


4. Gate keeper: He takes care of the school gate and keep records of the people visiting our school.


5. Principal: Principal is the head of the school.



Playing different types of games is very important for the growth and development of every child. We play many games with our friends in school playground, park as well as at our home. Games that are played outside the house are called


Outdoor games.

For Example: Badminton, tennis, cricket, footballs, basketball etc.


Some games can be played inside the house and are known as indoor games.

For Example: carom, chess, ludo, snake ladder, video game etc.


Historical preview

In ancient times, early man used to live in jungles eat plants and dead animals, wear the leaves of trees. They did not have house to live or clothes to wear.


Real life examples

(a) Igloo is found in hilly area


(b) huts are found in villages

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