1st Class Science Occupation and Famous Personalities Occupation and Famous Personalities

Occupation and Famous Personalities

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This lesson will help you to:--

  • Study about different occupations.
  • Learn about the work done by different types of people
  • Know about the famous personalities of the world.



We all live in a society. In order to live each person of the society has to do some work. This work gives us money for buying food and clothes. Such work becomes the job. Occupation is the job that a person does. People have different occupations. Let us study these occupations in detail.


1. Engineer: An engineer designs and repairs machines, metro rail, roads, etc.


2. Doctor: A doctor treats the patients.


3. Nurse: A nurse Taxes care of the sick people. 

4. Chemist: Chemist sells medicines and injections

5. Blacksmith: A blacksmith repairs things made up of iron.

6. Farmer: A farmer grows crops, fruits and vegetables for us.                         

7. Postman: A postman brings letters and parcels.

8. Tailor: A tailor stitches our clothes.

9. Fireman: A fireman puts water on the fire.

10. Carpenter: A carpenter makes and repairs wooden things.

11. Grocer: A grocer sells food and other things that are used at home.

12. Mechanic: A mechanic repairs our vehicles.

13. Plumber: A plumber fits and repairs pipes.

14. Potter: A potter makes clay pots for us.

15. Astronaut: Astronaut goes to space           

16. Cobbler: Cobbler repairs our shoes


There are some people such as policeman, pilot, army men who wear special clothes called uniform.     

1. Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa was a Social Worker. She helped old, poor and sick people.   



2. Mahatma Gandhi: Mahatma 6andhi is the father of the nation.



3. Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein worked in the field of science and technology.      



4. Jawaharlal Nehru: He was the first Prime minister of India.


5. Narendra Modi: He is the current prime minister of India.   



6. Rabindra Nath Tagore: He worked in the field of literature and music.  


7. Sania mirja: Sania Mirza is the famous tennis player of India   



8. APJ Abdul kalam: he is a scientist and former president of India    

9. Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar is the famous cricketer and former Captain of India.    

10. Barack obama: Barack Obama is the president of America.


Amazing Facts:

Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist suffered from dyslexia. Because of this bad memory he was not able to memo rise simple things. 


Real life Examples

A doctor treating his patient


Historical preview:

Kalpana chawla was the first Indian – born woman in space and the first Indian – American astronaut.

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