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This lesson will help you to:

  • Gain knowledge about plants.
  • Learn about different parts of a plant.
  • Study different types of plants.
  • Know about the various food items obtained from plants.



Have you noticed your green friends on the way while coming to school, on the road side in the garden and it the park.

These are the plants which give us clean & fresh air let us study more about plants.

Plant: plants are green in colour. They gives us sweet fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers

For example


Plants consists of different parts. Each of the part pays a very important role:

The different parts of a plant are: Root, Stem, Leaves, Flower, Fruit

  1. Roots: Roots are the lowest part of a plant that grows inside the surface of soil. It holds the plant to the soil.
  2. Stem: Stem is the part of plant which grows above the surface of soil. It bears leaf, flower, & fruit. Stems provide support to the upper part of plant.
  3. Leaves: Leaves are the green part of plant where food is made. Leaves are of different shapes sizes & colors.
  4. Flower: Flowers are the most colourful part of a plant. Flowers are of different shapes, sizes & colours. Flower changes into fruit.
  5. Fruit: Fruit is the fleshy & eatable part of a plant. Example: Apple, Mango, Water-melon. Fruits contain seeds. Some fruits like mango have one seed. Papaya and water – melon have many seeds. Seeds give rise to a new plant.


Real life examples

  • Commonly found flowers.


  • Commonly used vegetables.



Misconcept: Tomato is a vegetable     

Concept: Tomato is NOT a vegetable, it is a fruit as it contains seeds. It can be consumed in different ways as raw, in salad, sauces, juices etc.

Misconcept: Cauliflower is a vegetable

Concept: Cauliflower actually an immature flower a head. This flower is used as vegetable. 


Historical preview

Tuisi is an important herb. It has been used since ancient times because of its medicinal as well as spiritual value.

Herbs are used in foods, flavors, medicines and perfumes.



You might have noticed that some plants are very big & some are small and some are very small.

On the basis of size, plants can be of 3 different types:

Herbs, Shrubs and trees.

Herbs: herbs are very small plants with soft stem. For example: Tulsi, coriander, grass, etc.

Shrubs: shrubs are the small woody plant with short, bushy stem.

For example: hibiscus (china rose), rose

Trees: Big and tall plants are called trees. Trees have strong & long branches.

For example: Mango, Neem, Banyan

Note: Beside these, two other types of plants are climbers and creepers.


(a) Climbers: Climbers are the plants which grow with the support of another plant.

For example: Grapevine, Money plant


(b) Creepers: creepers are the plants with weak stem. They grow along with ground and also on the tree branches for example: pumpkin. 


Food items obtained from plants

Plants give fruits, vegetables & grains.

1. Fruits: Fruits are the part of plant that we eat

For example: Apple. Watermelon, Pineapple guava.

2. Vegetable: Vegetables are the eatable part of a plant. Vegetable can be eaten raw and also after cooking.

For example: Potato, Onion, Brinjal.

3. Grains: drains can be eaten only after cooking

For example: Rice, Wheat, Pulses.


Amazing facts

  • The world largest flower is Rafflesia arnoldi It can grow to the size of an umbrella.

 The largest tree in the world is the red wood tree. These trees can reach a height of 300 feet.

Red wood tree

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