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The Planets

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*   The Planets

  • They are the celestial or heavenly bodies, which form the part of solar system.
  • They revolve around the Sun.
  • They do not have the light of their own.
  • They get light from the Sun.
  • They are spherical in shape.
  • They are of different sizes. Some are very big, such as, Jupiter. Some are small, such as. Mercury.
  • But all of them are smaller than Sun. 


*   Types of Planets

1. Terrestrial: They have a surface of solid rock.

2. Gas planets: They have surfaces of liquids or airy gas.


Our solar system has 8 planets, revolving around the Sun. Name of these planets, in order of increasing distance from the Sun, are given below:

1. Mercury  

2. Venus

3. Earth

4. Mars

5. Jupiter

6. Saturn

7. Uranus      

8. Neptune


  • Out of these planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial or rocky planets.
  • While Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are gaseous planets.
  • The closest planet from the Sun is the Mercury.
  • The hottest planet is Venus.
  • The planet having life is Earth
  • The red planet is Mars.
  • The largest planet is Jupiter.
  • The planet having ring around it is Saturn.
  • The forest planet is Neptune.




  How many types the planets are?

(a) 8                                                                      

(b) 2     

(c) 4                                                                      

(d) 5


Answer: (b)


Option (B) is correct, because planets are divided into terrestrial and gas planets. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.



Which one of the following planets are closest to the Sun?

(a) Mars                                                             

(b) Earth

(c) Venus                                                            

(d) Mercury


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct, because Mercury is the closest planets from the Sun. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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