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Logical Functions

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A computer is very smart and apart from performing   mathematical calculations, it can also give some additional information based on some decisions for example, if you got 40 marks in your test and your friend got 35, we can say that you performed I better than your friend because 40 is greater than 35. In the same way, computers use logical Potions to provide basic comparison and return True or FALSE value based on the evaluation and the instructions given. Logical function means applying logic to the result obtained after completing mathematical calculations. Therefore, a decision is taken according to the given commands.     






Suppose total Marks = 325 (mathematical calculations)

If total Marks > 200; (decision)

PRINT 'Pass'. (Command)

If total Marks < 200; (decision)

PRINT 'Fail'(Command)                        

If we put Total Marks. = 325, the decision will be as 'Pass'






 Every function is differentiated by its symbols or sign used. The following are the sign of that function which consists of very few numbers of sign '>', '<', '=' are the sign of which function.           



(A) Mathematical                            

(B) Arithmetical                               

(C) Logical

(D) Special


Answer: (c)                                                                        


Correct Option:                                              

(C) >, <, =: Given signs are used in logical function.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Mathematical function: signs are +, -, * and /  

(B) Arithmetical function: f(n), x(n), etc are the arithmetical functions.

(D) Special function: are the mathematical functions which have more or less established names.  



 There are many types of sign and symbols you daily use. Which among the following is not a symbol?  



(A) =

(B) <

(C) *

(D) a  


Answer: (D)


Correct Option:

(D) a : Is not a symbol.               

Incorrect Options:  

(A) = : Is a logical symbol.                     

(B) < : Is a logical symbol.

(C) * : Is a mathematical symbol.    



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  • Thousands of years ago, men used fingers, stones or bones for counting. ABACUS was the first device used by man for calculations by using beads.   The Chinese invented ABACUS.    





  • ABACUS: A language for interactive scientific computation.
  • Calculator: A small hand-held computer that performs mathematical Calculations  





  • A computer is a machine that solves computing problems involving numbers or words or both.                                  
  • A computer is better than a calculator because it can be used to make decision in addition to mathematical operations, while a calculator can only do calculations.    
  • Resources on Net: http://www.Webopaedia. com
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