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*     Computers    


Do you know what a computer is? Yes, computer is an electronic machine that helps us to make our work easier and faster by assisting us in many ways. Being an electronic device it is very faster and quicker. You will definitely enjoy working on it. Let us learn about our computer.  




*          Parts of Computer

As our body is made up of different parts (head, neck, legs and hands), in the same way a computer is also made up of different parts. The four main parts of the computer are the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and the CPU (Central processing unit).  (See Figure 2.1.1)  


*         Keyboard    

The keyboard looks like a typewriter. It also works like a typewriter. It has many buttons called keys. It is used to type letters, words and numbers in the

computer. (See Figure 2.1.2)  



*       Mouse      

The mouse of a computer has a power cord resembling a tail and looks like a real mouse. The mouse is used to move the pointer on the computer screen. It can also be used to select items and draw pictures on the computer. (See Figure 2.1.3)  



*      Monitor    

The monitor looks like a TV screen. It shows words, numbers, pictures and movies on the screen. It displays all the work that you do on the computer. It is also called Visual Display Unit or V D U. (See Figure 2.1.4)  



*     CPU    

The CPU looks like a box. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. As you know that our brain controls all the activities in our body, similarly the CPU controls all the activities of the computer. The CPU has an ON/OFF switch and some other buttons on it. Some other parts of the computer are the speakers, printer, scanner, UPS and the joystick. (See Figure 2.1.5)                      



    Which one of the following is the part of computer that controls all the functions of the computer?

(A) Desktop                                                       


(C) Keyboard                                                    

(D) Mouse  


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:

(B) CPU: The role of CPU is similar to the role of brain in our body. CPU controls all the functions of computer. Therefore, option (B) is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Desktop: Is the main screen of a computer.

(C) Keyboard: Is the most important input device of a computer.

(D) Mouse: Is the handheld device attached with the computer.  



 Suppose you want to watch the movie or play games on the computer then there is a specific part of computer that displays all the things on it. Name the part of the computer that displays all the things.

(A) Monitor                                                       

(B) Control Unit

(C) Keyboard                                                    

(D) Cursor   



Answer: (a)


Correct Option:                            

(A) Monitor: The monitor displays all the work that you do on the computer.

Incorrect Options:

(B) Control unit: Is the main part of a CPU.

(C) Keyboard: Is the input device.

(D) Cursor: Is the vertical line blinking on the screen.  

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