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Getting Started With Computer

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Getting Started With Computer



Computers are now available in almost every sector. The popularity of a computer is increased due to its fastest speed and error free output. It is an electronic machine that helps us to make our work easier and faster by assisting us in many ways. A computer user should also be familiar with process for starting and shutting down the computer properly. In this chapter we will study that, how a computer can be started for its working and how a person can utilize the resources provided with the hardware and software of a computer.


Parts of Computer:

As our body is made up of different parts (head, neck, legs and hands), in the same way a computer is also made up of different parts. The three main parts of computer are the keyboard, monitor and the CPU (Central Processing Unit).



The keyboard is an input device used to enter data and information. The keyboard layout is similar to a typewriter with additional keys for other functions.



The mouse is a pointing device used to position a cursor on a computer screen. There are two buttons on a mouse left and right click button. The buttons on the mouse is pressed to give the command using the monitor of a computer. Mostly left button of a mouse is used, the right button is used for some special function, such as, to view the drop down menu of a system or application folder or file in which different functions about the same file and folders can be done.




The monitor is visual component of the computer. It displays information to the user in a pictorial form. Without monitor, user can not view anything because, an user can only see the task on monitor that is connected to the CPU.



The CPU is commonly known as ?brain computer?

The CPU looks like a box. The power supply for the main computer is located in thus unit. All other parts including the monitor, mouse, keyboard and other join at the unit to become a functional system. CPU carries out the instructions of a computer program. It performs the basic arithmetical logical and I/O operations of a computer system.




Computer Basics

Computer is the most wonderful machine that has redefined the way of our living. It has not only helped in overcoming the geographical barrier but also made our work easier and faster.


The following are the features of a computer:


  • It is a wonderful electronic machine.
  • It works very fast, never makes mistakes, never gets tired and can remember and store a lot of information.
  • It makes our work easier and helps us to do many things at a time.
  • It cannot think on its own or make decisions. It only follows the instructions given to it. 

The Keyboard

The keyboard looks like a typewriter. It also work like a typewriter. It has many buttons called keys. The keyboard of a computer performs the task for receiving and sending the commands and instruction to the CPU. Many special keys on the keyboard are used for giving commands such as, deleting, insert, giving the space between the characters, etc. The Keyboard is a device to enter data into the computer. When you press the keys on the keyboard, the text appears on the screen.



The following are the types of keys on the keyboard:


  • Alphanumeric Keys (Alphabet and Numeric)
  • Special Purpose Keys
  • Function Keys


Alphanumeric Keys

They consist of alphabets (A - Z), numbers (0 - 9) and other characters like ~, !, @, #, $, %, A, &, *, (, ), _, +, \, {, }, ^,'], / and ?. Alphanumeric keys can be divided into two types - alphabetic and numeric keys.


The names of some special character keys are the following:

            (@)       =         at the rate of

            (&)        =         ampersand

            (~)       =         tilde

            (#)        =         Hash sign (number sign)

            (a)        =         caret

            (*)         =         asterisk (star)

            (")         =         quotes

            (')          =         apostrophe


Special Keys

They perform specific functions. Some special keys are Enter (return), Backspace, Insert, Delete, Home, End, etc.


Function Keys

They are used to perform a set of operations using a single keystroke. For example, in most of the software, pressing the F1 key will show you the Help feature.


Switching the Computer On and Off

Switching On the Computer


  • Ensure that the main cable of the computer is plugged into the electricity mains socket.
  • Press the Power button on the computer system box or CPU tower and the monitor to switch the power on.
  • The computer will perform some start-up checks and after a few moments, the Windows desktop is displayed. The desktop is the first screen that you see on the computer when Windows has loaded.




Switching OFF the Computer


Once you have finished working on the computer you need to save your work and shut down the computer correctly so that your work is not lost.


To shut down the computer the following steps should be followed:

    1.     Click windows button.

    2.     When the Start menu appears, click on power option.

    3.     Click shut down option to turn off the computer.




        Caring Computer

Taking care of your computer is very important. There are certain tasks you perform to ensure your computer is clean:


  • Keep dust away: Dust out your computer to keep it free of dust and dirt.
  • Keep food away: Do not eat or drink while working on the computer.
  • Use clean hands: Make sure your hands are clean before you type on the keyboard of click the mouse.
  • Use Antivirus: Run antivirus and spyware scans regularly.




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