2nd Class Computers Introduction to Windows Desktop Screen            

Desktop Screen            

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*         Desktop Screen  


When you first switch on your machine, the Windows operating system loads and the first screen which appears is called the Desktop. Desktop refers to the main background area. It is like your personal work area. Actually you get a feel of what is inside your computer. Several icons of small pictures are located on the left side of the Desktop. Icons are the symbols kept on the desktop for opening that particular file. You can use your Desktop for many tasks such as opening programs, copying files, connecting to the Internet and so on. You may have used the Paint icon in your computer lab for drawing pictures.  







 When you switch on the computer, the window OS load on it. The first screen which appears when you start Windows is called_______________. (A) Programs                                                    

(B) My Documents

(C) Recycle Bin                                                 

(D) Desktop


Answer: (D)


Correct Option:

(D) The first screen which appears after Windows has been loaded is called Desktop.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Programs: Are a sequence of instructions written to perform a specified task.

(B) My Documents: Is the name of a special folder on the computer's hard drive that the system commonly uses to store a user's documents.

(C) Recycle Bin: Is a container used to hold recyclable before they are taken to recycling centers.    



 Desktop is used for doing many tasks. Which of the following tasks is/are performed on the desktop?

1. For opening programs

2. For copying files

3. Connecting to the internet

(A) Only 2                                                           

(B) 1 and 3

(C) All of these                                                 

(D) None of these  


Answer: (C)


Correct Option:

(C) Desktop is used for doing many tasks such as opening programs, copying files, connecting to the Internet, etc.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Not only 2 is correct but 1 and 3 are also correct use of desktop.

(B) Not only 1 and 3 are the correct use but 2 is also a correct use.

(D) All the given options are the uses of desktop.


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