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Other Important Keys

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*       Other Important Keys  



Other Important Keys keyboard with the space bar, shift, enter, backspace, Arrow keys and Del keys highlighted In addition to the keys discussed above there are some other important keys which have a special purpose. Let us learn about them.  




*    Space Bar  

The Space Bar helps us to give space between the words. It is the longest key on the keyboard. Press Space Bar once to give the space of one

character. To give more space, press this key a number of times.  




*      Shift  

This key helps you to type the signs on top of the numeric keys.  




*     Enter  

This key helps us to move to the next line. While typing, you just press the Enter key to start writing from a new line.  



*     Backspace Key

This key is just like the eraser you use while doing homework. If you have written something wrong on the computer then you can erase it by using the Backspace key. This key helps to erase the letters to the left side of the cursor. The cursor is the blinking line that you see on the screen of the computer. It looks like.  




*     Delete Key  

This key helps to erase the letters to the right side of the cursor.   



*     Arrow Keys  

The Arrow keys help in moving the cursor in all the directions (left, right, up or down). Hence they are also called cursor control keys. There are four arrow keys. 







 While writing a poem on the computer Steve commits few mistakes. He wants to delete the wrong written words. Which one of the following keys he should use to delete the wrong words

(A) Shift                                                              

(B) Enter

(C) Backspace                                                   

(D) Arrow  


Answer: (c)


Correct Option:

(C) Backspace key helps to erase characters from the left side of the cursor.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Shift: Key functions with the help of other key.

(B) Enter: Key is used after completing the line.

(D) Arrow: Keys help you to move the cursor in different directions.    



 The keys on the keyboard are of various lengths. Few keys are short and a few are long. The _________ is the longest key on the keyboard.

(A) Delete Key                                                 

(B) Enter key

(C) Arrow Key                                                   

(D) Space Bar


Answer: (D)


Correct Option:

(D) Space bar is the longest key on the keyboard.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Delete key: is a normal size key.

(B) Enter key- is a normal size key.                                     

(C) Arrow key- is a normal size key.                                    



*      The Right Way to Use Keyboard We should know the right way to use the keyboard. If we use it improperly then we might enter wrong command and damage can also be caused to it.  


*     The following are the ways to use the keyboard properly: v  Always remember to press the keys gently.                            

  • Use both hands to use the keyboard for writing.                          
  • Do not put any weight on the keyboard.                                
  • Press the required key once and release. Do not press it repeatedly.        



You Know.jpg

  • The alphabets are not arranged in a proper order on the keyboard.
  • The keyboard has number keys at two places.
  • The Enter key is also called the Return key.  




  • Character: Any symbol that requires one byte of storage.
  • Delete: A key on modern computer keyboards which erases text.
  • Cursor: A special symbol, usually a solid rectangle or a blinking underlines
  • Character, which signifies where the next character will be displayed on the screen.
  • Enter Key: A special key on the keyboard which helps you to move to a new line.  




  • A keyboard is a board of keys which is a primary input device used with the computer.
  • We must use the keyboard carefully.
  • Resources on Net: http://www.wikipedia.org
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