2nd Class Computers Usage of Computers Computers in our Daily Life

Computers in our Daily Life

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*     Computers in our Daily Life  



In the modern times, one can see a grandmother sitting in India talking face to face with her grandson in the US. This wonder could be achieved only through computers, via the Internet and the webcam. Distance is no longer a barrier and the world has become a smaller place and one can talk directly face to face from a person sitting anywhere in the world. Today we can see different types of computers working in every field of life. At home we use PCs (Personal Computers) or the Home Computer. Busy officials on the move can often be seen working on their small and handy laptops, which is a Notebook Computer. In your school computer lab, you can find a group of computers connected together, which is called LAN (Local Area Network). Some important companies manufacturing computers are Apple Computers and IBM. IBM PC is very popular. The computer has become such an important part of our lives that we can find it almost everywhere. Some of the important applications of computers are as follows:                      


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