2nd Class Computers Usage of Computers Using Computers in Space

Using Computers in Space

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*          Using Computers in Space  



Computers also play an important role in space technology. Computers are used to send the satellites in the space for research purposes. We also use computers to send spacecrafts to explore the moon and planets.  






 Robin - with the help of computer we can see the pictures of other planets and gather information about them.

Rudolf: Computers cannot give us information about other planets because it is a machine and how can it go their.

Read the conversation between Robin and Rudolf and find out who is correct?

(A) Rudolf is correct                                       

(B) Robin is correct

(C) Both are correct                                       

(D) Both are incorrect  


Answer: (B)                


Correct Option:

(B) Space sector is fully based on computer. With the help of computer you can see pictures of other planets, gather information about them, etc. that's why Robin is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Rudolf is incorrect.

(C) Both are not correct.

(D) Both are not incorrect.                                 



 A computer plays an important role in the space technology. Select the correct use of computer in space.

i. A computer does not help in controlling the satellites placed on Moons orbit.

ii. You can launch satellites to the space with the help of a computer.

iii. For space research computers are not used.

(A) i and ii                                                           

(B) ii and iii

(C) Only ii                                                            

(D) All of these  


Answer: (C)


Correct Option:

(C) With the help of computer you can launch a satellite and control it from work stations. For space research purpose computers are widely used.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Statement (i) is incorrect where as statement (ii) is correct.

(B) Statement (ii) is correct where as statement (iii) is incorrect.

(D) All the statements are not correct.

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