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Amazing facts

No articles is used before an uncountable noun. Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted like sand, milk, sugar.

Though we can say a glass of milk. We cannot say a milk.  



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Quick Concept Review

As you know there are 26 alphabets in English. Out of them there are only five vowels, rest all are consonants. The five vowels are. a e, i, o, u. We use I articles such as a', an' or 'the.

A is used before the words that begin with a consonant sound. For example a boy, a girl, a cup. A clock, a butterfly, a star.


An is used before words that begin with vowels... a, e, I, o, u. or a vowel sound. For example An ice- cream, an egg, an inkpot. an


'The' is used before some particular person or things. For example The Himalayas, the Bible, the Sun.


A and an suggest any person or thing. The suggests a particular person or thing. For example: A tree (any tree). The tree that is near my house. No article is used before proper nouns. For example Mr Smith is very hardworking. Snoopy is the name of his pet dog.  



  • The is used before nouns that are specific, or unique.
  • For example: the taj mahal the Himalayas.

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