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Amazing facts

"I am" is the shortest complete sentence in English language.

Until 1907?s it was thought that comprehension could not be taught in the elementary level.  



This lesson will help you to

  • Understand what is comprehension all about.
  • find information from the passage ·                    
  • answer the questions asked thereafter ·                    
  • build confidence  



Let's do comprehension today. Do you all know anything about comprehension? Comprehension is understanding, and then answering the questions based on the passage that you have read 

  • Comprehension is your ability to understand what is written. It also means to gain meaning from what is read. ·                    
  • Reading comprehension is one of the pillars of the act of reading.
  • The passages can have any topic as the theme. A single topic can be presented in different ways. ·                    
  • Reading comprehension is making a meaning of word and trying to understand the written text. ·                    
  • A comprehension can be a passage or a poem that needs to be understood to the level of being able to answer the questions that are based only on that passage or that poem. ·                    
  • Writers don't always tell you what they think or believe or why they have written the text. Sometimes you have to try to think like they do and work it out for yourself. ·                    
  • When we read, we often decide what we think might be true based on information in the text. This is called inferring.  



  • First read the passage carefully.
  • Try to understand the passage.
  • Read each question carefully, so that you understand exactly what you are being asked to do before you begin.



  • Conceptual Knowledge: Children must be familiar with the various concepts and very clear in them. ·  
  • Language skills: Children must be familiar with the language so that they do not get stuck at any word.
  • Text features: you must know that the title, and the pictures provided are all related to the text

Comprehension can be tough when you are not so familiar with the words and it will take too much of your time to try to pronounce the word correctly. Sight reading or ability to recognize words makes comprehension easier  


  1. Make sure you understand what you read.
  2. Learn how to work out the main idea and why it is important. There are often many ideas in a text but there is one idea that joins the other ideas together. This is the main idea.
  3. Read the text then ask yourself, "What is it mainly about"?
  4. The title is a very good clue to the main idea because a good title often tells the reader what the text is about.
  5. The answers are usually not in the text, but there is information to give you clues to think about it.  



Misconcepts: looking back during reading lessens understanding.

Concept: on the other looking back helps children understand what they read.

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