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Sometimes you need to revise a sentence to make sure that you have used the correct conjunction.


Suggested activity

Make flashcards of different connecting words. Write two sentences and try to connect them through the connecting words.  



This lesson will help you to 

  • learn about conjunctions.
  • use conjunctions to join two or more words or sentences.  



Conjunctions are also called connecting words. We use Conjunctions to join words and sentences to make a meaning out of them. Conjunctions do not have any other purpose than joining the words and sentences.

And, or, but, when, before, while, and after are words that are used to join sentences. For example: And is used when we want to tell more. And is used when we want to express similar ideas. For example;

I can read. I can write.

I can read and write.

But is used when we want to contrast the two sentences. For example He wanted to go. He could not go. Here by adding 'but' to the two sentences we get Contrast; He wanted to go, but he could not go.                 

Or is a connecting word that tells us that there is only one choice.                

For example; you can go to the park. You can go to the mall.                


By adding the word Or We have; you can go To| the park or you can go to the mall.           

This makes clear that there is only one choice. ·                    

Because is used when we want to give a reason for any action. The second part explains the reason for the first part. He could not attend the seminar because his flight got late. ·                    

When is used to tell about two ideas occurring at the same time.                

For example, I love to go out when it's raining.                


I love to go out when it's raining. ·                    

While is also used to show two events happening at the same time. I was reading while travelling in the school bus.  



Amazing facts

There are a few conjunctions that are used as preposition and adverbs as well. For example after, before, since.  ·                    

After is used to tell about relative time of two actions.                 I come out of the class, after I finished my paper.                  


Before is also used to tell about relative timing of two events. For example; before I could balance myself, I fell.

Before I could balance myself I fell.

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