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Real life example

  • If you look around you will see people doing different kinds of work, for example your mom is cooking food. Here cooking is a verb as it tells us about what your mom is doing.
  • Let us look at another example
  • The dog is sleeping
  • Here sleeping is a verb as it tells us that the dog is sleeping.  



This lesson will help you to

  • learn what are verbs 
  • recognize different types of verbs
  • Learn to use verbs in your sentence making.  



The words that tell us about an action or words that show that some work is being done are called action words, doing words or Verbs. Dance, paint, smile or read, they all show that some action is being done. Verbs are an important part of a sentence.




When you find yourself confused whether a sentence, has an action word or not, look at all words in the given sentence and ask yourself "is this something !that o person or an object can do"? For example: A boy is reading a book. Here the word reading is a verb or an action word. It suggests that an action is being done. If a verb is not used in a sentence the sentence seems to be incomplete.

For example when I say "I will school".

Does it have any meaning?         

Now let us add' go 'to it, and write it as "I will go to school"

We find that just by adding an action word to the whole sentence we are able to add meaning to a sentence.

There are two forms of verbs. Doing words and Being Words. Doing words are words that tell us about some action taking place. For example. Jumping, Pulling.




Being verbs do not denote any action or doing, but they link the subject to the verb. The most common linking verb is to be

To Be: The various forms of it being, am, is, are, were, was, being, will be, has been.  



  • It does not matter whether the action n has been done intentionally. Like for example vomiting sneezing or falling.



Suggested activity

  • Look around, you will find people around you performing different kinds of acts. Your mom, your dad your brother or your sister or may be your friends. Take them as your topic of discussion. Write down various works they do, for example your friend  
  • My friend goes to school 
  • He, loves to study .. and so on



  • Let's play action game
  • Make flash cards of various words take, out verbs from them into your verb basket
  • Eat, going, huge , beautiful, enter, watching bed vomiting adventure and so on
  • You can play this game with your friend and whosoever collects the maximum number of action words is the winner.


There are many rules to use being words. We use 'am' with T We always use 'is' with 'he, 'she and 'it'. 'Is' is used with single words. 'Are is used with 'We', 'they and you'.


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