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Animal Life

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Animal Life




  •  Animals that can be tamed and kept at homes and farms are called domestic animals.
  •  We get milk from cows, goats, and buffaloes and eggs from hens, ducks and geese. Animals like fish, goat, sheep and hen gives us meat. We get silk from silkworms and wool from sheep.






  • The skin of some animals like snakes, crocodiles, buffaloes and camels are used as leather.







  •   Some animals like oxen, horses, donkeys, elephants and camels carry loads for us.








  • The dung of horses, goats, cows and buffaloes is put into pits and covered. This turns into manure. Manure helps plants to grow better.
  • Some animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and birds are kept at home. They are known as pet animals.








  •  Animals that live in jungles are called wild animals. Example: lion, tiger, wolf, fox, deer, giraffe, monkey, etc.








  •  Wild animals eat different kinds of food. Some animals like elephant, zebra, deer and giraffe eat grass and other plants.
  • Some animals hunt for their prey. Animals like lion, tiger and birds like hawk kill other animals and eat their flesh.








  • Some animals like bear, rat and crow eat both plants and flesh of other animals.    
  • Some wild animals like vulture/fox and jackal eat the remains of dead animals. They are called scavengers.
  • Wild animals live in different kinds of homes. Lions and tigers live in caves called dens. Rabbits, rats and snakes live in holes in the ground. Monkeys, birds and squirrels live on trees.









  • Some wild animals like deer and zebra move about in the jungle. They do not make their homes.

Animals that can be kept at farms or at home are called domestic animals.

  • The homes of some animals that we make to keep them are












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