2nd Class EVS Living and Non-living Things Living and Non-living things

Living and Non-living things

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  • Living things are organisms that have life e.g. plants, animals, insects, birds, human beings, microorganisms etc.

  • Non- living things are things that don’t have life e.g. pen, bottle, door, computer, mobile etc.

  • Differences between living and non-living things.


Living things

Non-Living things

(a) Living organisms need food, air and water

1. Nom-living things do not need food, air and water.

(b) Living organisms grow.

2. Non-living things do not grow.

(c) Living organisms are sensitive, they respond to changes around them.

3. Non-living things are not sensitive, they do not respond to change around them.

(d) Living things can move on their own (some plants show movement)

4. Non-living things cannot move on their own.

(e) Living organisms reproduce themselves.

5. Non- living things do not reproduce.

(f) Living organisms respire. They release energy from food.

6. Non-living things don not respire.

(g) Living organisms excrete.

7. Non-living things do not excrete.

(i) Living organisms have a definite life cycle. 

8. Non-living things do not have definite life cycle.

(j) Living things are made up of living cells.

9. Non-living things are not made up of cells.


  • Growth is the main characteristic found in living organisms such as a child grows into an adult, a puppy grows into a dog, a small plant grows into a big tree etc. Also, food is required for proper growth of an organisms.


  • Living organisms produces offspring of their own kind. Therefore, reproduction is also found in living organisms.


E.g. Family, kangaroos etc.

  • Living things can move on their own. They can jump, run or fly.
  • Human beings and animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide to complete their breathing. The Plants in-hale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.
  • Living organisms need food which provides them nutrition, energy for growth.

(a) Humans need carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, vitamins, water etc.

(b) Animals need grasses, leaves, fruits, vegetables, flesh of other animals etc.

(c) Plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

  • Non-living things such as water, air, etc. are needed by the living things for its survival.
  • Living things hear sound and non-living things do not have his quality.


Notes - Living and Non-living things

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