2nd Class EVS Living and Non-living Things Reproduction


Category : 2nd Class

*   Reproduction

Living organisms produce offspring’s of their own kind. Adult male and female of same kind take part in their reproduction. For example, human male and female produces human male or female child. Male and female of animals give birth to same kind of animals, male and female birds give birth to the same kind of birds. This reproduction process goes on for all the other living organisms.


*   Look at the following pictures of living organism and their reproduction:



Baby boy and girl with their father and mother                                         Male and female dogs with their puppies  


*   Movement

Living things have movements. They can move their body parts. They can jump, walk, run or fly. It means living things can move from one place to another on their own will. For example, a man can walk and run, a monkey can jump, walk and run, a bird can fly etc.


*    Look at the following pictures to understand movements in living things:



Walking Man                                Running Boy  



Flying Birds                                   Running Dog  

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