2nd Class Mathematics Comparison of Numbers Comparison of Images

Comparison of Images

Category : 2nd Class

*   Comparison of Images


In comparison of images we compare height, thickness, numbers etc. One image can be bigger than other in size or number of image in a group may be more than that of another group. See the examples given below:




  • Comparison means "more and less" bigger and smaller, ticker and thinner etc.
  • '<' is the sign for greater than.
  • '<' is the sign for greater than.
  • Comparison is done on the basis of shape, size, length, value, etc.    




 Which one of the following is true?




(d) All of these


Answer (d)    


 Which picture given in the options is smaller than the following picture?






Answer (c)    



 Which one of the following is not correct?

(a) 556 > 567

(b) 554 < 555

(c) 598 = 598                                      

(d) 452 > 450


Answer (a)


First two digits from left are same in all the options except (a)      

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