2nd Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Measurement of Length

Measurement of Length

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*   Measurement of Length



There are various units for the measurement of the length. These are metre, centimeters, kilometers etc. The standard unit for the measurement of the length is metre.

1 centimeter = 10 millimeters

1 metre = 100 centimeters

1 kilometer = 1000 meters



A rope is 45 centimeters long. What will be the length of the rope in millimeters?

(a) 450 millimeters                          

(b) 4500 millimeters

(c) 405 millimeters                          

(d) 504 millimeters


Answer (a)


1 cm = 10 millimeters hence, 45 cm = 450 millimeters



What will be the length of each equal side of a triangle, if the sum of the length of its three sides is 15 cm?

(a) 4cm                                                

(b) 5cm

(c) 3cm  

(d) 2cm


Answer (b)


Each side\[=\frac{15}{3}=5\,cm\].



* Conversion between Metre and Centimeter

1 metre\[~=\text{1}\times \text{1}00=\text{1}00\] centimeters

2 meters\[=\text{2}\times \text{1}00=\text{2}00\] centimeters

100 meters\[=\text{1}00\times \text{1}00=\text{1}0000\]centimeters



Convert 450 meters into centimeters.

(a) 45000cm                                       

(b) 4500cm

(c) 2550cm                                         

(d) 35500cm


Answer (a)


1 m = 100 cm hence, 450 m = 45000 cm



What will be the 10thpart of a line segment of length 50 cm?

(a) 4cm                                                

(b) 5cm

(c) 2cm                                                

(d) 3cm


Answer (b)


\[\text{1}{{0}^{\text{th}}}\]part of 50 cm\[=\frac{50}{10}=5\,cm\].



* Conversion between Kilometer and Metre

1 kilometer\[=\text{1}\times \text{1}000=\text{1}000\]meters

2 kilometers\[=\text{2}\times \text{1}000=\text{2}000\] meters

100 kilometers\[=\text{1}00\times \text{1}000=\text{1}00000\]meters



Convert 9 km 500 m in meters.

(a) 8400 meters                                               

(b) 9500 meters

(c) 7900 meters                                

(d) 8800 meters


Answer (b)


9 km 500 m \[=(\text{9}\times \text{1}000+\text{5}00)\text{m}\] = 9500 m



A travels a distance of 56 km and B travels a distance of 39 km. Who travels the longer distance and by how much?

(a) A by 17 km                                  
(b) A by 19 km

(c) B by 19 km                                   

(d) A by 20 km


Answer (a)


Since 56 > 39 and\[\text{56}-\text{39}=\text{17}\]. Therefore, A travels longer distance by 17 km.

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