2nd Class Mathematics Multiplication Word Problems

Word Problems

Category : 2nd Class

*  Word Problems


In this section, we will learn about some real life problems based on multiplication. For example

A table has [4] legs. How many legs do [3] tables have?

To solve the problem multiply\[[4]\times [3]\]to get [12] as answer.



A week has [7] days. How many days will be there in [2] weeks?


Required number of days \[=[7]\times [2]=[14]\] days.



A factory produces [15] items in a day. How many items it will produce in a week if Sunday is a holiday?


Items produced in a day = [15]

Items produced in [6] days \[=[15]\times [6]=[90]\] items.



James scored [15] marks in an exam whereas Smith scored thrice of James. How much marks did Smith score?


Marks scored by Smith \[=[3]\times [15]=[45]\]marks.



The cost of potato is [10] rupees per kg. What is the cost of [3] Kg of potatoes?


Required cost = Quantity of potato\[\times \]Cost of potato

\[=[3]\times [10]=[30]\]rupees.



The cost of [1] pen is [5] rupees. What is the cost of [5] such pens?


Required cost = Number of pens \[\times \] Cost of [1] pen

\[=[5]\times [5]=[25]\] rupees.

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