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Number Pattern

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*  Number Pattern



Number patterns involve how much a number is greater than the other given numbers or the relation between the numbers in a given pattern.

Increasing order (Ascending order)

Decreasing order pattern (Descending order)  



*   Analyzing Pattern  

See the examples of patterns given below:  




Pattern is particular arrangement it is made in different styles for number and various shapes and sizes.    




Take any three digit number in which the difference between first and last number must be more, then subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

Add the resulting number to the same number reversed. Answers is always 1089

Let the number is 437 Reverse of 437 = 734

Subtract = 734 ? 437 = 297

Add = 297 and its reverse.

297 +792 = 1089    





 Find out the missing number.


(a) 81                                                    

(b) 85

(c) 82                                                    

(d) 80  


Answer (b)    



 What comes in place of question mark?






Answer (c)

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