2nd Class Mathematics Time and Calendar Clocks


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Clocks are the devices that let us know of the times in a day. See the examples given below:



The small hand in a clock is for hour and the big hand is for the measurement of minute.  



Hour hand of a clock is at 3 and minute hand is at 4 then the time will be:

(a) 3 : 20                                              

(b) 3 : 50

(c) 3 : 10                                              

(d) 3 : 40


Answer (a)  



In how many rotation(s) does the hour hand of a clock complete 12 hours?

(a) 2                                                      

(b) 1

(c) 60                                                    

(d) 6  


Answer (b)


Hour hand of a clock complete one rotation in 12 hours.

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