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How to decode the questions given in coded language?

In this type of questions, some particular words are assigned certain substituted names.

Then a question is asked, that is to be answered in the substituted code language.




1.     If "house" is called 'kennel', 'kennel' is called 'hole', "hole" is called 'nest', then in which place do dogs live?

         (a) house                                 (b) hole                       

         (c) nest                                     (d) kennel

Explanation (b): Dogs live in kennel, but kennel is called hole.


2.     If "purple" is called 'white', 'white' is called 'green', 'green' is called 'blue', then which colour is on the last strip of Indian flag?

         (a) purple                                 (b) white                     

         (c) green                                  (d) blue

Explanation (d): Last strip is of green colour and green is called blue.

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