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Types of Wind

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*     Types of Wind


Movement of air is called wind. There are mainly two types of wind depending on its motion.

Global wind

Local wind


*         Global Wind

Global winds are the large movements of air that happen all over the world because of the following reasons;

The rotation of the earth.

The movement of the earth around the sun.

Because of the round shape of the earth.


*         Local Wind

Every region has their own type of winds. These winds are limited to that particular area and caused by temperature difference. They can move up, down and horizontal. Mountain areas are good example of such kind of winds. In these areas, wind blows against the mountain and is forced to go up. Because wind is usually going into one direction, the other side of the mountain almost does not have any wind.



*         Other General Classification of Wind


*        Breeze

It is a light and pleasant air and not very fast moving air. Motion of air from sea to land is called sea breeze and land to sea is called land breeze.


Look at the following picture of land and sea breeze:


                     Sea Breeze  


                   Land Breeze  


*        Storm

Storm is a strong wind and it contains dust particles, snow and rain. Therefore, a storm may be categorized as dust storm, snowstorm, rainstorm etc. This type of wind can have a circular motion also. Cyclone is the perfect example of circular storm. This kind of wind may cause damages to trees, houses and other things.


*       Cold Wave

Movement of cold air in winter is called cold wave. This is not a pleasant wind and harmful for living organisms. It may cause cold related diseases.


*       Heat Wave

Movement of hot air in summer is called heat wave. This is not a pleasant wind and may cause summer related diseases.   





     Mainly winds are divided into_____ types.

(a) Two

(b) One

(c) Three

(d) Four


Answer: (a)


Winds are mainly divided into two group’s global and local wind. Therefore, option (A) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



     Motion of air from sea to land or from land to sea is called breeze.

              Which one of the following is correct about breeze?

(a) Gentle and pleasant air

(b) A storm

(c) A very fast moving wind

(d) A wind in circular motion


Answer: (a)


Breezes are the gentle and pleasant air. Therefore, option (A) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.

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