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Fun and Festivals with Family

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This chapter will help you to:

  • learn about the different types of activities i.e. indoor and outdoor activities.
  • know about the different types of festivals
  • celebrated in India.
  • study the importance of national festivals in India.


Did you know?

Hockey is the national game of India but cricket is most popular among Indians.



After a long day at school, everyone wants to relax. This helps you to feel rested and happy. We do many activities that makes us feel happy and refreshed. Some of the activities are outdoor and some are indoor activities.



Misconcept: Playing games is wastage of time.

Concept: Playing is very essential for the growth and development of our body.



  • The activities done outside our home or in an open space are called outdoor activities. For example: walking jogging, swimming, bicycle ride, skating, kite flying, khokho etc.
  • Outdoor activities meets the needs of physical health, self-sufficiency, risk taking as well as team building.

Outdoor activities include water sports, snow sports, horse riding.                


  • Outdoor activities also include outdoor games.

      Games keep us fit and healthy. Outdoor games include cricket, volley ball, football etc.

  • Cricket: Cricket is a bat-ball game between two teams of 11 players each on a field.
  • Volley Ball: Volley Ball is a team in which two teams of 6 players are separated by a net.
  • Football refers to a sports that involve kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal.


Historical Preview

Kite flying is a very popular game in India. Many people fly kites on 15th August every year to celebrate independence.



The activities which are done inside our home   are called indoor activities. Being stuck inside doesn't have to mean being bored. You can play finger game, memory game, science experiment etc.

Indoor activities are undertaken on the comfort of one's home. Hobbies are a part of indoor activities. Hobbies provide a great way to escape the pressure and the stress of the day. For example: Painting, Stamp collection. Book reading.

Indoor activities includes indoor games such as

Chess, ludo, snakes and ladder etc.

Chess: It is a 2-player board game played on a chess board with 64 squares.

Snakes and Ladder: Snakes and Ladder is a game played between two or more players on a game board having numbered gridded square. A number of snakes and ladder are pictured on the board.


Ludo is a board game for 2-4 players in which the players race their four, token from start to finish according to dice rolls.



We have many festivals in India. We have a lot of fun during these festivals. We all get together to celebrate the festivals.

Three types of festivals are celebrated in India

1. Religious

2. Seasonal

3. National


1. Religious Festival

Some of the main religious festivals that we celebrate are:

(a) Holi: Holi is celebrated all over the India. On

Holi, people put ‘gulal' and throw colored water on each other.


(b) Diwali: Diwali is a festival of light. People decorate their house with candles and bulb. Children enjoy fireworks and crackers.

(c) EId: Eid is the festival celebrated by Muslims. They go to mosques to do prayer which is known as 'namaz. They offer 'Meethi Sewaian' to guest and friends.


(d) Guruparva: Guruparva is celebrated by the Sikh. They celebrate Guruparvas on the birthday of their 'Ten Gurus' they decorate their house. They go to gurudwara to pray and 'Langar' is served at the gurudwara.

(e) Dussehra: Dussehra is celebrated for days. On the tenth day, the effigies of Ravan, his brother and son are burnt with crackers.               


(f) Christmas: Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. On this day. Christmas tree is decorated with lights. Santa claus comes and give gifts to the children.  



2. Seasonal fesfival

Some seasonal festival are Lohri, Onam.


3. National Festivals

There are few festivals that are celebrated by all Indians. These are called National festivals of India. India celebrates three national festival.


1. Independence Day: Independence Day is celebrated on 15 of August every year. 

2. Republic Day: Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January every year. India got republic on this day.

3. Gandhi Jayanti: Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2 October every year Mahatma Gandhi born on this day. He is known as the father of nation. Apart from these festivals we also celebrate

Teacher's Day on 5 September to pay respect to our teachers and Children's Day on 14 November every year.

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