2nd Class Science Good Habits, Safety and First Aid Safety Rules

Safety Rules

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*      Safety Rules


Safety rules are the rules which we need to follow for our own benefit and well-being. We must follow these rules everyday so that we can remain safe.


*         While Walking


Traffic Police

(i) Always walk on the right side of the road.

(ii) Walk on footpath.

(iii) Always look for the safest place to cross the road. Zebra crossing or subways are the safest for crossing a road.

(iv) Always STOP, LOOK and LISTEN for any approaching vehicle. If you need to wait, wait at the zebra crossing. WAIT till the road is clear.

(v) While crossing the road, first look RIGHT, then LEFT, then again RIGHT.

(vi) If possible, try to cross the road in a group or at least with some friends.

(vii) Never run or play on the road.


For School Bus


(i) Always wait in a queue with other children for the bus.

(ii) Get into the bus one by one.

(iii) Once inside the bus, do not lean out of the door or window.

(iv) Never get in or out of a moving bus.


While Riding a Bicycle

(i) Keep to the left of the road.

(ii) Give signal by hand before turning or stopping.

(iii) If possible, wear a helmet.


On playground

(i) Take turn to play and give a chance to others.

(ii) Never play on a broken swing. Inform an adult if a swing is broken. Use your both hand while climbing a swing.

(iii) Never climb up the front of a slide.

(iv) Help to keep the playground clean.





        Which one of the following is the cheapest means of land transport to cover long distance?

(a) Car

(b) Train

(c) Truck

(d) None of these


Answer: (b)


By train one can cover the longest distance with minimum expenditure.

Therefore, option (B) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



       If you want to go to moon which of the following means of transport will you use?

(a) Aeroplane

(b) Helicopter

(c) Ship

(d) Rocket


Answer: (d)


We all know that only by rocket one can reach moon. Therefore, option (D) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.




In our neighborhood there are many services.

Festivals bring the people neighbourhood together

Trains are the cheapest means of land transport.

We must follow the safety rules for our own benefits.

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