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*       Transport


We all need to go to different places. Sometimes these places are far away. So to go to these places we use transport. For example, if our school is far from home, we go to school by bus. Here, bus is the means of transport for going to school. The means of transport may be divided into three broad categories. These are:

(i) Land transport

(ii) Air transport

(iii) Water transport

Land Transport

The means of transport that are used on land is known as land transport. There are various types of land transport.



              Bullock cart                                                                            Tonga  


Some vehicles are pulled by animals. For example, bullock cart, tonga, camel cart, etc. These vehicles you can mostly find in villages and in small towns. These are generally used to travel short distances.

In deserts camels are used for land transport. Elephants are used in thick forests.

Mules and ponies are used in hilly places.



               Cycle                                               Rickshaw                                                   Hand barrow


You must have seen some vehicles on the road pulled by man or driven by human power. For example, bicycle, rickshaw, hand barrow etc. These are also used for short distances.



          Bus                                                          Car                                                        Scooter                                              Auto  


For travelling short as well as long distances, we use bus, car, scooter, auto-rickshaw etc. These vehicles run on fuels power. Some run on patrol and diesel, some on electricity. Now - a - days there are cars that also run on LPG.



                  Train                                                                                            Metro  

We use train to travel long distances. A train runs on rail. It has many compartments and can carry large number of people at the same time.

Trains are the cheapest mode of land transport to cover long distances.


In Delhi and Kolkata, we have Metrorail to cover short distances.

A Metrorail runs on electric power. It is the fastest means of land transport.


*           Water Transport

Boats and ships are the means of water transport. Fishermen use boats to catch fishes from river, lake or sea.

Ships carry passengers and goods from one country to another through oceans and seas. They may be huge in size and run on diesel powered engine.


*           Air Transport


           Aeroplane                                                    Helicopter  

Means of air transport include helicopter, aeroplanes, etc. Air transport is the fastest means of transport. In old days journey from one country to another used to take months. Today we can travel the same distance in few hours, by aeroplane. Helicopters are smaller in size. They are used in places where an aeroplane cannot land. For example, hills, deserts, small islands, snow covered areas.





But if you want to go somewhere very, very far, like the Moon, you will have to go in a rocket.


Rockets are the fastest means of air transport.


All the means of transport carry not only passengers but also goods from one place to another. Goods are sent by:

                                                           images (34).jpg

       Trucks                                            Trains                                                     Ships                                                 Aeroplane

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