2nd Class Science Living and Non-living Things Growth


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*   Introduction

There are different types of things around us. Some are living and some are non-living. The things which can grow and have sense organs are called living things. Non living things are different from the living things as they can not

Grow and don't have sense organs. In this chapter we will study about the both living and non-living things.


*  Characteristic Features of Living Things 


*   Growth

Growth is the main characteristic features of living things. A boy grows as a man, a girl grows as a woman, a baby grows as an adult one, a small plant grows to a tree. These all are the examples of the growth of living things.

However, proper growth of a living thing can not be possible without proper food. In fact, rate of growth of a living body depends on growth hormones. But our body cannot produce proper growth of hormones without proper food.


*    Look at the following pictures of growth in living things:


         A child grows into an adult  



A baby elephant grows into a young one                                              A small plant grows into a tree    

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