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Importance of Plants

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*   Introduction

Living things are divided into two groups Plants and animals. A feature which differentiates the plant and the animal are that, the plant cannot move from one place to another, but an animal can move from one place to another place. In this chapter we will learn about the characteristic features of plants.


*    Importance of Plants

Plants are the oldest living organism on the earth. Plants make their own food from the sunlight and take necessary nutrients and water from the soil. Hence plants do not depend on others to obtain food for itself. Living organism, other than plants, is directly or indirectly depend on plants for their nutritional needs.


*      The following are some importance of plants in our daily life:

They provide food to other living organism.

They are necessary for the fresh and cool environment.

They are responsible for the presence of oxygen in the environment, as oxygen is the gas that is inhaled by most living organisms to be alive.

They are used for wood industry. Many wooden furniture like beds, tables, chairs, etc. are made from the wood of plants.

Wood of plants are also used in construction works.

Some special kind of plants are used for making medicines.






Which one of the following does not eat food from plant?

(a) Goat                                                               (b) Cow

(c) Rat                                                                   (d) Telephone


Answer: (d)


Plants and its products are food for living organism. But telephone is a non-living thing. Therefore, option (D) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



  Which one of the following is true?

(a) Plants are not used for food of the living things

(b) Plants are not used for making medicines

(c) Chairs are made from the wood of plants

(c) Plants are useless for living things


Answer: (c)


Stem part of plants are used for making the wooden chairs. Therefore, option (C) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect. 

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