3rd Class Computers What is Booting Up?

What is Booting Up?

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What is Booting Up?



The booting of a computer is a process in which it checks all the connected hardware in the computer. The POST (Power on Self-Test) report appears during the booting of a computer. Booting process is done very fast, therefore, one of the key on the keyboard is used to view the process during the POST.


Computer requires user attention to minimize the error occurred. Computer room should also be moisture free for the proper functioning and long life of the computer.


Booting Up

The term Booting is used to describe the process of powering on a computer.


It is a process or set of operations that loads and starts the operating system, starting from the point when user switches the powder button.


In your computer lab session in the school, your teacher has handed you an assignment. Once you enter the computer room, you must make your computer ready for doing work. When the computer is first turned on, the system performs a POST (Power On Self-Test.00;.). The computer Power-On Self-Test the computer to make sure it meets the necessary system requirements and that all the hardware is working properly before starting the remainder of the boot process.


The process of loading or copying the operating system is called Booting Process.


These are the following steps:

1. Switch on the Power Supply Button.

2. Switch on the UPS.

3. Switch on the CPU.

4. Switch on the Monitor.

5. Wait for the message on the Monitor.

6. Then wait for the cursor on the Monitor Screen.

7. Computer is ready to work.



You need to turn on the following switches to start a computer.

1. Power Supply Switch: Turn on the switch at the source of the power supply. The stabilizer will start receiving the current.

2. On/Off Switch of UPS: Turn on switch of UPS. The UPS is used to regulate the flow of current.

3. On/Off Switch of CPU: Turn on switch of CPU. The current will start passing through the system.

4. On/Off Switch of the Monitor: Turn on switch of monitor. Look at the monitor and you will see some messages. After these messages you will see the cursor on the monitor screen. Now you can begin working on the computer.


Thus we saw the entire Booting Up process to make the computer ready to work.


There are two types of Booting:

1. Cold booting

2. Warm booting


v  Cold booting: If we shut down the computer completely and properly, after a while it starts again on the computer is known as a cold booting.

v  Warm booting: If we take the computer to restart button or a key by simply pressing it so Ctrl+Alt+Del is called a warm booting.


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