3rd Class English Articles Definite Article 'The'

Definite Article 'The'

Category : 3rd Class

*     Definite Article 'The'


Definite Article (the) points out a particular person, animal, thing or place. The is used before a noun beginning with a consonant or a vowel sound.    





  •  This is the boy who won the prize.
  •  The Bible is a holy book of the Christians.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences, the has been used before boy, prize, Bible and Christians (all nouns) which are definite or particular person or thing. These particular person or thing may begin with both sounds consonant or vowel.  


*      Uses of Definite Article 'The' (i)

(i)            Is used before a class of noun.

For example : The dog is a faithful animal.

(ii)           Is used before the superlative degrees of Adjective.

For example : I am the best

(iii)          Is used before HEAVENLY bodies.

For example : The sun rises in the east.

(iv)         Is used before the words that express quantity.

For example : Wheat is sold by the kilogram.

(v)          Is used before a noun which has already mentioned earlier.

For example : Steve saw a bird. The bird was beautiful.

(vi)         Is used before the names of national, religion and caste.

For example : The Hindu, The Indian.

(vii)        Is used before the name of famous building .

For example : The Red Fort.

(viii)       Is used before the names of sea, river or valley.

For example : The pacific, The Ganga, The Bay of Bengal

(ix)         Is used before the names of a few countries.

For example : The U.S.A., The U.K.

(x)          Is used before the names of Religious Book .

For example: The Ramayana, The Geeta, The Bible, The Quran.  



  •  Article is not used before the name of games. Such as - He plays cricket
  •  Article is not used before the names of some diseases like Cholera, Malaria fever and typhoid, etc.
  •  Article is not used before the name of festivals.
  •  Article is not used before plural countable nouns when they indicate a class.
  •  No article is used before the names of language.
  •  No article is used before proper noun, material noun and abstract noun.  


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