3rd Class English Noun Kinds of Noun

Kinds of Noun

Category : 3rd Class

*   Kinds of Noun


There are five kinds of noun:

  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Material Noun
  • Abstract Noun  


*      Proper Noun


Definition: The name of a particular person, or place, or thing is called proper noun.  





  •  Abrahimis a clever boy.
  •  Marutiis a beautiful car.
  •  India is a big country.            
  •  The Bible is a holy book.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences 'Abrahim' is the name of a particular boy, 'Maruti' is the name of a particular car, 'India' is the name of a particular country and the 'Bible' is the name of a particular book. These are proper nouns. Boy, car, country, and book are also nouns, but they are not proper noun.            

NOTE : A proper noun always begins with a capital letter.               


*     See the following List of Proper Noun:

Steve                    Maruti                  January

India                      Delhi                      Sunday

Ramayana           Asia                        Ganga  


*      Common Noun

Definition : Common noun is the name given to a class of people, place, animal orthing.  





  •  The doctor is examining the patient.
  •  The elephant moves slowly.
  •  Book is useful for us.
  •  Boys are playing in the field.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences doctor indicates a class of person, elephant indicates a class of animal, book indicates a class of thing and field indicates a class of place. So, these are common nouns.  


*      See the following List of Common Noun:

Boy                        Girl                         Mother                                Teacher

Student                 Brother                 Parents                                Nephew

Shop                      Market                 City                                        Humans  


*      Collective Noun

Definition: Collective noun is the name of a group or collection of persons, animals or things.  





  •  The family was celebrating Christmas.
  •  Cattle is grazing in the field.
  •  Rosy lost the bunch of keys.
  •  The police could not control the crowd.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences family indicates a group of person, cattle indicates a group of animals, bunch indicates a collection (group) of keys and crowd indicates a group of people. So, these words are collective nouns.  


*      See the following list of Collective Noun:

An army of soldiers                         A band of musicians

A class of students                          A gang of thieves / robbers

A crowd of people                           A flock of sheep

A team of players                            A bouquet of flowers

A regiment of soldiers                   A bunches of keys

A bundle of sticks                           A fleet of ships

A pack of cards                               A herd of cattle

A shower of rain                               A pair of shoes

A heap of grass  


*       Material Noun

Definition: Material noun is the name of a substance which can be measured or weighed.  





  •  Milk is sweet.
  •  The shirt is made of cloth.
  •  I do not like tea.
  •  The chair is made of iron.  


*      Analysis

In the above given sentences milk, cloth, tea and iron are the names of substances (materials). They can be measured or weighed. So, these are material nouns.


*     See the following list of Material Noun:

Gold                      Silver                    Rice

Pulse                    Sugar                   Copper

Milk                       Oil  


*      Abstract Noun

Definition: An Abstract Noun is the name of some state, quality, feeling or idea that we can only think or feel but cannot touch or see.  




  •  He is known for his honesty.
  •  He has ability to teach them.
  •  I have pain in my legs.
  •  I have no information about this.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences honesty, ability, pain and information are the names of qualities, states and idea which we can only think of about but cannot touch or see. So, these are Abstract Nouns.  


*     See the following list of Abstract Noun:

Love                      Success                Education

Hate                      Pain                       Trouble

Peace                    Truth                     Trust  

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