3rd Class English Verbs Verb Forms

Verb Forms

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*     Verb Forms


There are five forms of verb. These are as follows:

(i) Present Tense form:

(ii) Past Tense form:

(iii) Past Participle form:

(iv) Present Continuous form:

(v) Present Tense Third Person: Singular form


*      The five forms of verbs are the following:

Present               Past                       Past Participle                 ing (form)            Present Tense 3rd person singular


Arise                      Arose                    Arisen                                  Arising                  Arises

Arrive                    Arrived                 Arrived                                 Arriving              Arrives

Become               Became                Become                               Becoming            Becomes

Break                    Broke                    Broken                                 Breaking              Breaks

Buy                        Bought                 Bought                                 Buying                  Buys

Catch                     Caught                  Caught                               Catching           Catches

Come                    Came                    Come                                    Coming                 Comes

Cut                         Cut                         Cut                                       Cutting                 Cuts

Die                         Died                       Died                                    Dying                     Dies

Do                          Did                         Done                                   Doing                    Does

Drink                     Drank                    Drunk                                  Drinking            Drinks

Eat                          Ate                         Eaten                                    Eating                    Eats

Fall                         Flew                      Fallen                                    Falling                   Falls

Fly                          Flew                      Flown                                    Flying                    Flies

Forget                   Forgot                   Forgot                                 Forgetting       Forgets

Go                          Went                     Gone                                     Going                    Goes

Grow                     Grew                     Grown                                  Growing               Grows

Hang                      Hung                     Hung                                     Hanging                Hangs

Hear                      Heard                    Heard                                   Hearing               Hears

Know                    Knew                    Known                                  Knowing              Knows

Keep                     Kept                      Kept                                       Keeping                 Keeps

Look                      Looked                 Looked                                 Looking                Looks

Move                    Moved                 Moved                                  Moving                 Moves

Make                    Made                    Made                                    Making                 Makes

Meet                     Met                       Met                                        Meeting               Meets

Run                        Ran                        Run                                        Running               Runs

Rise                        Rose                      Risen                                    Rising                    Rises

See                        Saw                        Seen                                      Seeing                  Sees

Say                         Said                        Said                                     Saying                   Says

Sing                        Sang                      Sung                                   Singing                  Sings

Sit                           Sat                          Sat                                         Sitting                   Sits

Sleep                     Slept                      Slept                                    Sleeping               Sleeps

Stand                    Stood                    Stood                                   Standing              Stands

Shine                     Shone                   Shone                                  Shining                 Shines

Take                      Took                      Taken                                    Taking                   Takes

Teach                    Taught                  Taught                                 Teaching              Teaches

Tell                         Told                       Told                                       Telling                   Tells

Win                        Won                      Won                                     Winning               Wins

Weep                    Wept                     Wept                                  Weeping              Weeps

Write                     Wrote                   Written                            Writing                 Writes

Work                     Worked                Worked                            Working               Works  


*       Helping Verb

The verb which helps the main verb in changing its form is called helping verbs. Helping verbs have only Past Tense forms.  


*     Below given is the list of helping verbs

Present Tense                                   Past Tense

Is                                                             Was

Am                                                         Was

Are                                                         Were

Shall                                                       Should

Will                                                         Would

Can                                                        Could

May                                                       Might  

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