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*        Introduction


The Latin name of fraction is fractious. It means broken. Fractions are always in ratio form and it has two parts upper and lower part. The upper part is called numeratorand the lower part is denominator. Lower part represents the whole which is divided into. Upper part represents a part of whole. In this chapter we will learn about thefractions and its type.


*       Numerator and Denominator of A Fraction

A fraction has two parts, upper part is known as NUMERATOR and lower part is known as DENOMINATOR and they are separated by a line known as DIVISION

LINE. Denominator states the total number of parts in which whole is divided. Numerator states that number of part which is taken from whole. In the fraction given below 3 is numerator and 5 is denominator.

Hence, the fraction is a part of a whole. It is represented by division line between a  and b separate it into two parts.


Look at the following figures of whole:

In the above figures both the figures are in whole because there are no division line across the figure.


Look at the folio wing figures of fractional parts of whole figure:

In the figures above both the figures are divided into two different parts. The shaded part of the figure is exactly half of the whole and said to be shaded part of the figure is of the whole figure. In the fraction  represents the number of parts in which the whole figure is divided into and 1 represents the shaded part or one part of the figure. Another figure is divided into four equal parts and its one part is shaded. Therefore, the shaded part of the figure is In the fraction  represents the number of parts in which whole figure is divided and 1 represents the shaded or one part of the figure.



In the figure given below find the shaded parts of the whole figure.




(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer:  (a)

Explanations Given figure is divided into five equal parts, its three parts are shaded.

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