3rd Class Mathematics Pictograph Pictograph and Its Use

Pictograph and Its Use

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  *           Introduction Pictograph is referred as the representation of data in picture form. In ancient time pictographs were only the method for writing the information. Numbers were also represented in picture form. Now a day pictographs are used for the analysis of data. In this chapter we will learn about the pictorial representation of data.   *           Pictograph and its Use Information about anything in the form of picture is called pictograph. There are different types of graphs which are used for the representation of data. These are bar graph, line graph, Venn diagram.   *                Representation of Data by Pictograph    v  A picture of a houserepresents one house.    v  Pictures of two houserepresent 2 house.         v  If one picture of a houserepresents 6 house then the pictures of2 house will represent house. From the above representation of data we can say that a big quantity is represented by a symbol which is called pictorial representation of data.     represents 12 pencils. The symbolwill represent?     (a) 48   (b) 70   (c) 80   (d) All of these   (e) None of these   Answer (a) Expirations  = 12 pencils therefore, four number of such pencils = 12 x 4 = 48 pencils.     *                Data Information about the things is called data. A surveyor conducts a survey regarding the T.V users in 4 areas A, B, C, D in a city and obtain the data: 50, 60, 45, 40. Row data is arranged in table as shown below:                

Area Number of T.V users 
A 40
B 45
C 50
D 60
      From the above arrangement of data, it is easy to find the number of T.V users in each area. Maximum number of T.V users in an area D in the above survey is 60 where minimum number of T.V. users in an area A is 40.       Following raw data is obtained during the survey of illiterate people at 12 villages: 45, 76, 80, 90, 23,12, 45, 56. What is the difference between the most illiterate village and less illiterate village?   (a) 68   (b) 78   (c) 88   (d) All of these   (e) None of these     Answer (b)   Explanations The difference between the most illiterate village and less illiterate village = 90 ? 12 = 78.    *                Representation of Information using Pictograph   The following are the distribution of students in different sections at a school:  
Sections Number of students
A 60
B 75
C 45
D 30
  Representation of above information in picture form is as follows:
Sections Number of students
  15 boys = From the above pictograph the following information is obtained: There are Students in section A.  Students are there in section B.  Students are there in section C.  Students are there in section D.                     34 Beluga whales are represented by and .  represents56 Humpback whales. Which one of the following options represents 68 Beluga and 28 Humpback whales?   (a)   (b)   (c)   (d) All of these   (e) None of these                 Answer (c)   Explanations 34 Beluga whales = , therefore, 68 beluga whales =  .  56 Humpback whales are represented by   therefore, 28 Humpback whales        
  Note books are equally distributed among 5 students once in a month in the following days. If symbol of one note book represents 2 note books then find the total number of distributed note books for each student? Monday        Tuesday   WednesdayThursday Friday   Saturday     (a) 4                                                         (b) 5   (c) 6                                                         (d) All of these   (e) None of these   Answer (a)   Explanation Total number of note books   note books. Hence, every one student gets  note books.        
  Scale= 1000. What is the total number of buffaloes on the given map?                     (a) 1000   (b) 4000   (c) 2000   (d) 6000   (e) None of these     Answer (b)   Explanation Total number of buffaloes   
  How many trees are there in the state, if scale is 1 tree = 12345 trees and given picture is the map of a state?                     (a) 37050   (b) 37034   (c) 49380   (d) All of these   (e) None of these     Answer (c)   Explanations Total trees in the state    
  In a survey 12 people use A brand mobiles, 15 people B brand mobiles and remaining mobile users are C brand. If the survey was held among 100 people then the total number of C branded mobile users was?   (a) 75   (b) 74   (c) 73   (d) All of these   (e) None of these   Answer (c)   Explanations The total number of C branded mobile users =    100  ?   (12 + 15) = 73.     
  In a class, 20 students scored 80 marks in math, 20 scored 70 marks in science and 30scored 90 marks in English. Ifrepresents 10 students then which one of the following options is correct about the total number of students who scored 70 marks in science?     (a)   (b)     (c)   (d) all of these   (e) None of these     Answer: (b)   Explanations  = 10 students.     Hence,   = 10 x 7 = 70.         v  Information in picture form is called pictograph. v  Two or more number of same articles is represented by a symbol. v  Collected data is called raw data. v  Raw data is first arranged in a table. v  Pictographs are widely used for the traffic notation on roads. v  Pictograph is easiest method for representation of data. v  Bar graph, vein diagram, pie charts are the other method for data representation.           v  Earliest pictograph was used by Chinese. v  Pictograph is the convenient method to communicate with those who cannot understand written and verbal   communication. v  There is standard representation of pictograph which is accepted globally. v  Letters and words were used in picture form. v  Ancient pictographs are still in use for written communication among some illiterate societies in Africa  

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