3rd Class Mathematics Shapes and Patterns Patterns


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This lesson will help you to:

  • understand patterns in numbers and alphabet.
  • use tables, graphs and pictures to represent a pattern situation.
  • analyze and develop strategies to extend patterns.
  • interpret solutions to given patterns by logical reasoning.



  • The pattern on a chessboard is an 8 x 8 grid and has 64 squares.
  • The traffic light follows a pattern of Red, Yellow, Green, so that the traffic is organized and avoids



  • The whisker patterns in lions are unique to each individual lion. They are used to identify individual lions in the population.
  • The migratory birds fly in a V shape pattern so that they can all reach the destination faster. It reduces the air resistance that each bird feels with respect to the bird flying alone.



A pattern is a repetitive design. Patterns can be observed everywhere around us.

A pattern can be formed using numbers, alphabet, shapes or colors. It represents a situation/thing in a more organized and pleasing manner.



  • A pattern will have a logical sequence.
  • A pattern follows a rule that allows determining what comes/next in the sequence.


For example: A, B, B, A, B, B, A, B.........

In the example above, the alphabet A is followed by the alphabet B two times and hence forms a pattern.

For example;


In the example above, the first term has 1 line, the second term has 2 lines, the 3rd term is a triangle formed by 3 lines, the 4th term is a rectangle formed by four lines and hence forms a pattern.

The next term in the pattern above will be a pentagon formed with 5 lines.

The terms of a pattern should be analyzed to develop a relation between them and predict the next term in the sequence.  



  • Pythagoras saw connection between numbers and music. He observed a pattern between notes produced by strings to their lengths.



  • All the friends should have string and beads of different colors. Each player has to make 2 necklace using beads. The beads should from two different patterns in the necklace. Our who is not able to do is out.


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