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Knowing Birds

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Knowing Birds


Birds are the wonderful animals. They are found in different colours, shapes and sizes. They make our world beautiful and colourful. We all love twittering and chattering of birds. The most important thing about the birds is that they can fly. Their ability of flying always fascinates us.


Characteristics of Birds

The following are the characteristics of birds:


Birds have Wings and Feathers

Almost all the birds have wings that help them to fly easily from one place to another.

Their skin is covered with feathers. The feathers of birds also help them to fly. Flying is the unique feature of birds.

Birds have Light Body and Hollow Bones

Birds have very light body that helps them to fly with great ease. Their body is designed in such a way that they can fly comfortably. Moreover, the bones of birds are of lightweight and usually hollow that again help them to fly.


Birds have four Chambered Heart

Birds have four chambered heart that helps them to cope up with the environment comfortably.


Birds' Forelimbs are Modified as Wings

Forelimbs of birds are modified in such a way that they work as wings. These limbs help them not only during their movement on the earth but also during flying.


Birds Lay Eggs

Birds reproduce by laying eggs to continue their existence. They lay their eggs at safe places by building nests.


Related image

Bird with eggs in nest


Birds Migrate from One Place to Another

Birds migrate from one place to another in search of food and favourable climatic conditions. They are known as migratory birds.


How do Birds Fly

The most fascinating fact about the birds is that they can fly. Now the question arises that how does a bird fly? Birds can fly because of their body designs, wings, tail feathers, lightweight, etc. Bird flaps its wings to push air downward. Pushing of air downward lifts the bird into the air.


Bird's Feathers

Bird's body is covered with feathers. Feathers of different birds are of different colours and designs. Feathers keep them warm and help them to fly. Bird's feathers shed and grow time to time. Feathers of the birds are classified into three types:


(i) Down feathers: These are small, soft and fluffy.

(ii) Tail feathers: These feathers help the bird to maintain balance and change the direction of flight.

(iii) Flight feathers: These feathers are on wings. These feathers help in flying.


Birds build Nest

Birds build nest to lay eggs. They always build nest at safer places so that they can protect eggs and their young ones from enemies. They use their beaks for making nests.

Bird in nest


Few birds build their nest very artfully. They use straw, grass, twigs, thread and feathers to build their nests.


Tailor bird makes its nest by stitching together large leaves using thin twigs.

Related image

Nest made by tailor bird


Weaver bird weaves its nest using grass and leaves. The nests have openings at the bottom. These nests hang down from trees.

Image result for nest made by weaver bird

Nest made by weaver bird

Woodpecker uses their beaks to make hole in the tree-trunk. They line the hole with grass and lays eggs in the hole.

Related image

Nest made by woodpecker bird


Many birds live on ground. These birds build their nest on the ground. They hide their nests inside tall plants or grass to safeguard eggs and baby birds. After laying eggs, birds guard them. They also provide warmth to the eggs by sitting over them so that the eggs can hatch quickly. When the eggs hatch, baby birds come out. Birds feed baby birds and keep them safe until the baby birds learn to fly.


Common Birds



Sparrow is small in size. It is brown and white in colour. It has small pointed beak.

Sparrow eats grains, worms and insects.

Image result for sparrow png




Kite is a big bird. It flies very high in the sky. It has small and weak legs, but strong wings. Kite does not need to flap its wings often to keep on gliding. It has sharp and curved beak. It uses its claws to catch its prey. It eats small animals like rat, snail, etc.

Related image




Parrot is green in colour. The green colour of parrot helps it to hide in trees. Parrot eats fruits, nuts, leaves and insects.




Duck swims in water. Duck has webbed feet that helps it to swim in water.

Image result for duck png                            Related image

Webbed feet duck


Stork and Egret

Birds like stork and egret wade in water. These birds have long legs and thin toes that help them not to sink into the mud.

Image result for stork png                  Image result for egret png

Stork                                        Egret



Owl is a bird that can fly in night. Owl eats animals like squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice, etc.

Image result for Owl png




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