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Safety and First AID

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This lesson will help you to:-

  • become aware of the dangers inside and outside your homes.
  • learn about the precautions one must take to avoid accidents.
  • know about first aid so that you can help yourself and others too when in need.
  • learn about good and bad touch


Amazing Facts

  • In 2010, a traffic jam on National Highway 110, near Beijing, kept cars stuck in traffic for 10 days.
  • Of all the road accidents occurring in the world, half of the victims are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.



What is the meaning of safety Safety means to keep yourself protected from any harm by being attentive.

Like the building of our home protects us from cold, heat and rain etc. in the similar way we have to be care full while walking on the road, playing in the ground , at school or at home. Let's discuss them one by one.



While walking on the road we should always follow these safety rules:

  • Always walk on the footpath along the left side of the road.
  • While walking on the road/hold your elders hand if they are along with you.
  • While crossing the road first see to your right then left and again to your right and cross the road only if some vehicle is not coming.
  • Always cross the road on zebra crossing.
  • If there are signal lights, cross when the pedestrian lights are on.
  • Never play on the road.
  • Do not run on the road.
  • Always help the person to cross the road if he/she needs help.
  • Do not step on nails and glass pieces.  
  • While waiting for a bus always stand in a queue.
  • Never push others while getting in or stepping out of a bus.
  • Do not get in to or get out of a moving bus.
  • Never put your head or arm out of a moving bus. It can be very dangerous.
  • Tell your parents not to drive with high speed as this becomes the main reason of most of the accidents.


Always play in the playground.

Never play inside the class.

Never use geometrical instruments for playing as they can cause serious injuries.

Do not use classroom properties like duster, chalk etc for playing.

Always be careful while getting up and coming down from the stair case                            



  • Never play with electrical wires, switches and instruments.
  • Never put water on the plugged in electric wires. Don't touch electric wires with wet hands.
  • Do not put your fingers inside the electric sockets.
  • Do not play with any electrical instrument.
  • Be careful while using knives and scissors as they can cause cuts.
  • Do not play near the fire.
  • Keep yourself away from burning gas stove.
  • Do not touch hot pots bare handly, they can burn your hands.
  • A child cutting an apple by knife can hurt himself.
  • Do not put anything small in your mouth like coin, pebble or a screw, it may get stuck in your throat and can prove to be fatal.
  • While bursting the crackers you should always keep yourself away from fire and should always take an elder along with you.
  • Do not go to the deep side of pool while swimming.




Historical Preview

  • The world’s first car number plates were issued by the French police in 1893.
  • The first traffic lights were installed in Detroit, USA in 1919.


Misconcept / Concept

Misconcept: Rubbing the skin will cause the blood to flow faster into that area if the skin is damaged.

Concept: If there is some damage to the skin, one must not rub it as it causes further damage to tissue.



We can avoid accidents and injuries from them. If we take care of above mentioned things. But sometimes if an accident occurs or we hurt our self. We should know some steps to be taken before medical help. This is called First aid.

First Aid is the first help which an injured needs before he can reach the doctor. We all should know some first aids so that we can help ourselves and others too.

1. For a Road Accident

Your timely help to a person injured in a road accident can save his life.

  • First of all give signal to the other vehicles coming, to stop.
  • Do not move the injured person too much.
  • Give them sufficient space so that they can breathe.
  • If there are wounds check if something is inserted in it, like glass etc.
  • If nothing is there in the wound cover the wound with a clean cloth.
  • Protect the injured person from snow or rain if there is any.
  • Call the ambulance. Tell them what has happened where and how many have got injured.
  • Do not leave the person till the ambulance arrives.


2. First Aid for Bee Sting

  • Try to remove the sting as early as possible by
  • pressing the surrounding area.
  • After removing the sting gently wash the affected area with cold water and soap.
  • Put an ice pack or a wash cloth over it.
  • You can apply the cold cream to sooth it.
  • If the irritation does not get decreased you should see the doctor.


3. First Aid for Cuts and Burns


Minor cuts and burns can be treated at home with proper first aid. For cuts first examine whether the cut is deep or not. If it is deep go the doctor at once.

  • If the cut is not so deep wash it with cold water to remove any dirt and apply an antiseptic cream on it. Stop the blood by pressing the cut by a clean cloth.
  • If someone gets a burn immediately pour cold water over it. Do not use ice as it may cause further damage to the skin. Cover it with bandage.
  • If a person gets burnt from electricity, immediately take him to the doctor as it may have caused some internal damages. Do not use water in this case.



In case of fire immediately leave the building and do not touch any electric plug or switch.

Call the fire brigade.

If there is leakage in LP6, open all the windows and doors to let it go out. Do not touch any electric switch as it may cause fire.

By keeping some precautions in mind we can avoid many miss happenings in our life and by using some of the first aid techniques we can save many lives.



  • Good touches are those which make you feel nice, comfortable and are done with positive intention.
  • Not so good touches are when we are touched on shoulders, chest, feet, palms, stomach and thighs.
  • When we are touched on these part, instead of making us feel good it makes us little uncomfortable.
  • Bad touches are when we are touched on our private parts. Private parts are those parts which we hide through swimming costumes while swimming.    
  • Remember, if anybody touches you at the not so good or bad touch areas, you should immediately inform your parents or close relatives. However, if a doctor touches these parts for medical purpose (in presence of parent) or parents touch these parts while giving toilet assistance or bathing, then there  is no need to worry.      


Poem on First AID

I take care of safety, as the other day, there was a cable on the floor,

So I threw it out the way.

If you find someone choking,

Don’t panic or don’t shout stay calm and help them in coughing it out.

If there is burn or scar act quickly and think cool that area with cold water

So there is less damage to the skin

Notes - Safety and First AID
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