3rd Class Science Living and Non-living Things Feeding In Living Things

Feeding In Living Things

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*    Food of Living Things 


*     Different Animals have Different Feeding Habits

On the basis of kinds of food eaten by the animals, they can be broadly classified into three groups.


*     Plant Eating Animals

Animals like horse, cow, goat, buffaloes like to eat grasses whereas rabbits, rats and squirrels love to eat seeds, nuts and fruits. These animals are also called herbivores because they eat only plants or plant products.


*     Flesh Eating Animals

Animals like lion, tiger, etc. eat the flesh of other animals. They are called carnivores.


*      Flesh and Plant Eating Animals

Some animals eat plants and flesh both. Human beings, as well as few animals like crow, bear and some birds like to eat both. The organisms which eat both plant and flesh of animal or animal product are called omnivores. For example: human beings eat rice, fruits, wheat, and vegetables pulses etc. which are plant products. They also eat eggs, fishes, meat etc. which are obtained from animals.


*     First Feeding Mechanism (Mouth) of Living Thing

Herbivores have flat broad teeth to cut leaves and grasses and strong grinding teeth to grind. Herbivores like cattle swallow the food first, then they bring it again into the mouth and chew. This is called chewing the cud.


Look at the following picture of internal structure of mouth of a goat (Herbivores):

Carnivores like tigers, lions, dogs have sharp front teeth to tear the flesh. Rodents like rat/mouse, squirrel and rabbits have sharp front teeth to gnaw nuts, fruits and seeds. Birds of prey like vulture, eagle, hawk, kite and owl have sharp, strong, and hooked beaks to hold and tear the flesh of prey.


Look at the following pictures of teeth of a lion (Carnivorous) and beak of a vulture:


   Sharp lion teeth                     Sharp Beak

Reptiles like snakes swallow their food as they do not have chewing teeth.

Butterflies suck the nectar from the flowers with the help of long thin tube. Similar mechanism is found in other insects also like mosquitoes, honey bees etc.

Frog uses its long rolling sticky tongue to catch insects. After catching it rolls back its tongue into the month.

Elephant uses its long tubular trunk to put food and water into its mouth. Giraffe has long neck to obtain leaves and other plant products from tall trees.





   Which one of the following animals eats flesh of other animals?

(a) Tiger

(b) Elephant

(c) Parrot

(d) Camel

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)


Tiger eats flesh of other animals. Therefore, option (a) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



      Which one of the following is correct about the squirrels?

(a) It bite leaves and grasses

(b) It tear flesh of animal

(c) It gnaw seeds and fruits

(d) It suck milk

(e) None of these


Answer: (c)


Rodents have long, sharp front teeth for gnawing seeds and fruits. Therefore, option (c) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.

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