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*     Transport


Transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. It is performed by various modes such as road, rail, air, water, etc.


*       Means of Transport

Mode of transport is divided into three categories.

(i) Land transport

(ii) Air transport

(iii) Water transport


*         Land Transport

Land transport is the most common and one of the oldest means of transport. In this mode, transportation is done by road and rail. Thus, the two types of land transports are road transport and rail transport.


*           Road Transport

Road transport is the transport on road for passengers and goods. For example, cart, bicycle, rickshaw, car, scooter, bus, etc. Most of the countries of the world have a wide network of concrete roads. Vehicles move smoothly on these roads and carry goods and people from one place to another.


         Scooter                                                  Bus                                                   Car                                 Cycle  


*       Rail Transport

Rail transport is one of the cheaper and comfortable means of transport. For example, train. Many countries of the world have a wide network of railway that is used to carry goods and passengers from one place to another place.




*         Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest means of transport. But it is also the most expensive means of transport. For example, aeroplane, helicopter, etc. You can cover thousands of kilometres in few hours by aeroplane. This mode of transport is becoming popular day by day.


         Helicopter                                                                         Aeroplane


*       Water Transport

The water transport is the cheapest means of transport. Most of the goods are transported to various countries by this mode. Water transport is also helpful to move from one parts of a country to another through inland waterways. Ship, boat, etc. are the examples of water transport.


         Ship                                                                         Boat

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