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Hands on With Paint Brush

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Hands on With Paint Brush



Microsoft Paint or 'MS Paint' is a program or a basic graphic program that is included in all the Microsoft Windows versions. It can be used to draw, color and edit pictures, including imported pictures.


To open Paint Brush, do the following steps:


  • Click Windows button and select “Window Accessories” folder from the start menu list.
  • Select Paint




  • To open MS-Paint type “paint” in the search box on the task bar and then select paint from the list of result.




Using Tools

Free Hand Tools

The Pencil and Brush tools allow for freehand drawing. The Pencil tool doesn?t have any options. It just draws a thin line in either the foreground color (left mouse button) or background color (right mouse button) In Pencil tool, the colors are chosen by using the left or right button for foreground color. The Brush tool has the option of a range of brush strokes, available from the option box that appears when the brush tool is selected.


Fill With Color

A shape can be filled with color by using the fill color tool. Click on the fill with color tool, place it over the shape (object or area) to be filled and left or right  click depending upon whether the fore or background color is required. If the shape you want to fill has any breaks in its border, the fill color spreads to rest of the drawing area.



Text can be added to the image by first selecting the text tool and then drawing a box on the image area. When the box is completed the text toolbar will appear.

Choosing fond, size etc. is the same as in other Microsoft programmes.

The text color will be that of foreground color, to change the color of the text, click a color in the color box.



The eraser tool, available in four sizes, rubs out whatever it passes over while the left mouse button is held down. The background color will therefore show through.


Shapes tools


  • To draw a straight line: Click on the line tool then select the line width from the box below. To draw horizontal, vertical or lines hold down the shift key at the same time. To draw the line in the foreground color use the left mouse button, to draw the line in the background color use the right mouse button.  
  • To draw any shape: Select whichever shape tool you wish to draw. From the option box below select outline (foreground color), outline and fill (foreground and background color respectively) or just fill color (foreground color).
  • Drawing a polygon is slightly different: Select the polygon tool and the outline and fill option box as described above click at the starting point of polygon, and holding own the left button draw the first side of the shape. Thereafter you need to click at the end of each line that makes up the polygon, the programme will fill in the line as you draw, finishing at the start point.

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