4th Class English Analogy Quality


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*     Quality


In this type of questions, words are related to each other on the basis of their quality. For example,

1. Farmer: Crop                                 7.  Cobbler: Shoes

2. Hunter: Prey                                   8.  Poet.-Poem

3. Carpenter: Furniture                 9.  Dramatist: Play Ballet

4. Author: Book                                10. Architect: Design

5. Goldsmith: Ornaments             11. Chef: Food

6. Butcher: Meat                              12. Producer: Film

                                                                13. Choreographer  



*     Analysis

  •  Producer: Film:  Producer produces the film.
  •  Judge: Judgement: Judge judges the judgment.
  •  Teacher: Teaching; Teacher teaches the student.
  •  Editor: Editing; Editor edits the newspaper.  






(A) Wall                                                               

(B) Education

(C) Newspaper                                                

(D) Play

(E) Clothes  


Answer: (a)

Explanation: Mason builds a wall.  




(A) Wall                                                               

(B) Clothes

(C) Newspaper                                                

(D) Play

(E) Education  


Answer: (b)

Explanation: Tailor stitches the clothes.  

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