4th Class English Analogy Relation


Category : 4th Class

*     Relation


In this type of questions, words are related to each other in relation. For example:

  •   Horse: Pony
  •   Hen : Chicken
  •   Sheep: Lamb
  •   Butterfly : Caterpillar
  •   Insect: Larva
  •   Dog: Pony  


*     Analysis


  •   Man : Child; Child is the young one of man.
  •   Duck : Duckling; Duckling is the young one of duck.
  •   Lion : Cub; Cub is the young one of lion.
  •   'Hen : Chicken; Chicken is the young one of Hen.  






(A) Calf                                                                

(B) Lamb

(C) Cub                                                                

(D) Child

(E) Larva  


Answer: (a)

Explanation: Calf is the young one of cow.  




(A) Cub                                                                

(B) Lamb

(C) Kitten                                            

(D) Child

(E) Larva  


Answer: (C)

Explanation: kitten is the young one of cat.  

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