4th Class English Prepositions Use of At, On and In

Use of At, On and In

Category : 4th Class

*    Use of At, On and In


At is used to designate specific times and place.  




  •  The train is arriving at 12:15 p.m,
  •  I live at Greater Kailash. On is used to designate days and dates.
  •  The annual day celebration will take place on Sunday.
  •  He has left on a Monday. In is used for nonspecific times during a day, a month, a season, or a year and place.
  •  He lives in New York.
  •  People wear cotton clothes in summer.  


*        Below given is a list where In, At and On are used:  

In At On On
(the) bed The bedroom The car (the ) class The library School Class Home The library The office School Work the bed the ceiling the floor the horse the plane the train Preposition downstairs downtown inside outside upstairs


*      Look at the following sentences where prepositions are used:

1. John lives in New York.

2. We have a great belief in God.

3. He is looking for help.

4.  He will join engineering after twelfth class.

5. The cat is under the table.

6. Richard lives near the Church.

7. Look at the blackboard.

8. Distribute the sweets among the boys.

9. Sky is above us.

10. The boy complained against the monitor.

11. I know nothing about the boy.

12. This book is written by Dr. Raman.

13. There is a pond behind the Church.

14. He gets up before sunrise.

15. The king ruled over a vast empire.

16. George is fond of music.

17. The snake ran across the road.

18. The boy is afraid of his teacher.

19. My grandmother died of cholera.

20. He is coming from Paris.  

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