4th Class English Types of Sentence Interrogative or Question

Interrogative or Question

Category : 4th Class

*     Interrogative or Question


A sentence that asks a question is called a question or an interrogative sentence.  





  •   Is this kite flying in the sky?
  •   Do you keep your clothes clean?
  •   What is the name of your father?  


*    Analysis

Here, every sentence is asking some information. Therefore, they are interrogative sentences or questions.

  •   Why are you so late?  


*    NOTE:

  • A question begins with either helping verb (is, am, are, was, were, has, have, had, do, does, did, can, will, shall, may, etc.) or question word (what, where, how, when, whom, which, why, etc.)
  • A Question ends with a Question Mark (?) or Mark of Interrogative.  

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