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*   Quadrilateral



The geometrical figure having four sides are called quadrilateral. Look at the following figures:





* Properties of Quadrilaterals 

  • A quadrilateral has four sides.
  • A quadrilateral has four vertices.
  • A quadrilateral has four angles.
  • Sum of all four angles of a quadrilateral is \[\text{36}0{}^\circ \]



  • Sides of the quadrilateral ABCD are AB, BC, CD, and AD
  • Vertexes of the quadrilateral ABCD are point A, point B, point C and point D
  • Angles of the quadrilateral are\[\angle \text{ABC}\], \[\angle \text{BCD},\text{ }\angle \text{CDA},\]and\[\angle \text{DAB}\]
  • Sum of all the four angles of the quadrilateral ABCD , \[\angle \text{A}+\angle \text{B}+\angle \text{C}+\angle \text{D}=\]\[\text{6}0{}^\circ +\text{12}0{}^\circ +\text{8}0{}^\circ +\text{1}00{}^\circ =\text{36}0{}^\circ \]  



* Types of Quadrilateral

In this chapter we will study about two types of quadrilateral:

  • Rectangle
  • Square  



* Rectangle

Rectangle is a quadrilateral in which (i) all angles are of\[\text{9}0{}^\circ \]and (ii) opposite sides are equal in length.


ABCD is a rectangle in which

(i) \[\angle \text{A}=\angle \text{B}=\angle \text{C}=\angle \text{D}=\text{9}0{}^\circ \]

(ii) AB = CD = 6 cm, and BC = AD = 4 cm.  



* Square

Square is a quadrilateral whose (i) All angles are of\[\text{9}0{}^\circ \]and (ii) All sides are equal



ABCD is a rectangle in which (i) \[\angle \text{A}=\angle \text{B}=\angle \text{C}=\]\[\angle \text{D}=\text{9}0{}^\circ \](ii)\[\text{AB}=\text{BC}=\text{CD}\]\[=\text{DA}=\text{5 cm}\]

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