4th Class Mathematics Money Conversion of Rupees into Paise

Conversion of Rupees into Paise

Category : 4th Class

*   Conversion of Rupees into Paise



To convert rupees into paise, we multiply Rs. by 100.  



Convert Rs. 5 into paise.



Multiply 5 by 100 Thus

Rs. \[\text{5}=\text{5}\times \text{1}00\text{ p}\] \[=\text{ 5}00\text{p}\]  



Convert Rs. 434.80 into paise.


Solution:  Rs. 434.80\[~=\text{434}.\text{8}0\times \text{1}00\text{ p}\] \[=\text{43},\text{48}0\text{ p}\]  

Rs. \[1=1\times 100p=100p\] Rs. \[3.50=3\times 100p+50p=350p\]
Rs. \[2=2\times 100p=200p\] Rs. \[4.50=4\times 100p+50p=450p\]
Rs. \[3=3\times 100p=300p\] Rs. \[5.50=5\times 100p+50p=550p\]
Rs. \[4=4\times 100p=400p\] Rs. \[80.50=80\times 100p+50p=8050p\]
Rs. \[80=80\times 100p=8000p\] Rs. \[90.50=90\times 100p+50p=9050p\]

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