4th Class Mathematics Money Introduction


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We require a number of things in our day to day life. We buy these things from the market and in return we pay money as per the rate of the article. So understanding on money is of great important for us. Let us study about the money.

Different countries uses different currencies. Indian currency is known as rupees. Short form of the rupees is Rs. we write 78 rupees as Rs. 78. One rupees is equal to hundred paise. Symbol of rupees is "Rs." and Symbol of the paise is "p". We write 65 paise as 65p.

Rs. 1 = 100 paise.

Or 1 p = Rs. 0.01

When we write rupees and paise together, for example 60 rupees and 70 paise, we write Rs. 60 and 70 P or Rs. 60.70. Rupees and paise are separated by a dot (.). Paise is always written as a two digit number. 8 rupees 5 paise is written as Rs. 8.05 not Rs. 8.5

Suppose you have Rupees one hundred one and twenty five paise. You can express the amount as Rs. 101 and 25 paise. You can express the amount by using decimal notation as Rs. 101.25.  



Write 78 rupees and 9 paise using decimal notation.


78 rupees and 9 paise = Rs. 78.09  

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